Found on Road Part II

As previously iterated, the pics below represent what I found on a country road on my walk to one of my remote offices. The last iteration had a dead rodent body among other things.  This section of road was more in the line of consumables packaging.

 It was roughly a mile walk and this documents the flotsam and jetsam of humanity in that lonely mile.

 Lays Potato Chips.  Baked not fried.  Better for you, but the bags ain't that good for the environment.  The bag was resting on some wild strawberry plants.

Beer.  The universal lubricant of blue collar society.  This beer is Moose Light, which could be appropriate because it is not unknown for moose to live in the part of the country where the can was photographed.  It would be ironic if a moose drank some Moose Light.

And finally, another drug of choice for society -- cigarettes.  I was mesmerized by the warning photo of the woman.  Either she is a vampire, or she was aghast at the empty package being thrown on a bed of clover.  Note that there are no four-leaf clovers in the photo.  You may want to click on the photo to enlarge it and see the woman's gums all eaten away from smoking.  She has quite of set of vampire teeth.  I bet that she is a hit a parties.  People pay her to smile.

There is still more to this series.  Stay tuned.

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