Found on Road Part I

Recently I found myself working at a remote office, about a mile and some from where I was staying.  I elected to walk to the office every morning.  Naturally I had my camera along.  I decided to document found things on the road in that mile.  This is part one.  Each part will have 2 or three photos.

The very first thing that I saw that caught my eye was a dead starnose mole. (click for larger image on all images),
According to Wikipedia, the star nose is a bunch (eleven, I think) little finger-like appendages with a lot of nerve endings.  Since the mole lives underground, these are like feelers and sniffers combined into one.  It is sort of like a sensory navigation tool while underground.

The very next thing that I saw, just a few feet away was a discarded banana peel with a bit of banana left in it.
Yes we have no bananas.

Proceeding down the road, I saw this washcloth.  Why would someone be carrying a washcloth and why would they jettison it out the window?

I thought that perhaps it might have been used to wipe a baby's derriere after some crap delivery, but it didn't appear to be soiled.  Why would someone pitch it?  One of life's small mysteries.

To be continued.

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