Bahamas Crime Report

(shot up doorway)

I missed this entry from yesterday's blog post about tourist safety in the Bahamas.  As a matter of fact, my last three blog posts deal with the frightening rise of crime in the Bahamas which is a popular tourist destination.  The following news item from the Bahamas Tribune, underscores the danger of being out late in a non-tourist area night club.

A shooting at a local club last night left five people in hospital with gunshot injuries.
The incident happened in the Coconut Grove area at a club on 7th Street off Robinson Road, around 9pm last night.
Police reports say a "dark male" standing about 5'6" tall and wearing a black and white jacket, came into the establishment and fired shots.
As a result, four people inside the club - ages 37, 33, 28, and 22 - were shot.
As the gunman fled the club, he fired more shots, resulting in a 41-year-old man being shot.
The victims were taken to hospital where two have been treated and discharged. The status of the other three victims is unknown.
Police say the suspect fled in a black Honda, driven by another man. Police are appealing to members of the public who may have information to contact them, noting they can remain anonymous.

The scenery is beautiful in the Bahamas, but it is going to wrack and ruin in the Bahamas.  The social fabric is disintegrating and crime is on the increase to the point where the murder rate is close to 7 times that of the US average.  Any sort of native culture has been Americanized and the Junkanoo celebrations happen only twice a year.  And they too are the scene of violence and crime after the parade passes.  What a shame that these islands in the sun are getting unsafer as time goes by.

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