Voodoo Sacrificial Site Found In the Bahamas

Before the mega-resort Atlantis came to Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Cable Beach was the go-to spot for tourism.  It was featured in at least one early James Bond film.  Starlets, celebrities of all kinds and the glitterati flocked there when the Bahamas was in its prime as an exotic destination.  It was named Cable Beach because the first telephone cable connecting the Bahamas to Jupiter, Florida landed at Cable Beach.

Things are slightly different now.  It was run down and is getting a face lift with the new Baha Mar resort financed by the Chinese.  However it is just a ghost of its former self.  Tourists now want to swim with the dolphins at Atlantis.  Just a week or two ago, the Indigo Cafe known as the Pot and Cake closed down on Cable Beach because of the lack of tourists.

The Bahamas is a different place.  It is overrun with illegal immigrants.  Haitians who live in shanty towns off Joe Farrington and Cowpen Roads have landed in the Bahamas in their hope to be smuggled into the USA.  Drugs are rampant for the same reason.  Crime has skyrocketed. With the Haitians, comes their practices of voodoo.

A voodoo sacrificial site was found on Cable Beach near a pond.  A noose was found hanging from a tree. Stolen statues of angels were placed ceremoniously.  Ducks from the pond were found with their throats slit.  A machete was abandoned at the site.  It was weird and gruesome.  Here are pics from the scene.
This was the noose found hanging from the tree.  As you can see, it was made to fit a human.  Some of the feral ducks who escaped the throat slitting, are seen in the background.

The big question is where did the angels come from.  In the early 1900's the rich had magnificent estates on Cable Beach, and these angels could have once adorned an estate.  Sir Harry Oakes entertained the Duke of Windsor after he abdicated the throne on Cable Beach.  The Duke was sent here as the Governor General to get him out of the way, because he was a Hitler admirer during World War II.

This was the machete that was found abandoned at the site.  It is unknown if it was used to slit the throats of the ducks.

Whatever went on at Cable Beach, it wasn't savory.  The socio-economic fabric of the Bahamas is unraveling, and it is no longer the paradise that it once was.

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