Lady Gaga Without Makeup

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I am amazed at the stark difference between celebrities with and without makeup.  Here is Lady Gaga.  It seems that woman put on lots of foundation, have weaves put in their hair, paint their lips, put on fake eye lashes, pluck their eyebrows, wear bras that enhance their breasts, wear Spanx underwear that shapes their behind, and then complain that there are no real men out there.  But the makeup that they apply -- well they might as well use a paint roller.

Do you remember Tammy Faye Bakker?

She was the wife of 1970's disgraced, defrocked tele-evangelist Jim Bakker who went to jail for stealing money and lying about it.  Tammy was his wife, and she applied her makeup with a putty knife.  I have always contended that if they scraped down Tammy Faye, they would have found Jimmy Hoffa.

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