Lake Erie "Stealth" Fishing Boat Part II

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I forgot to post these views yesterday.  This is the Lincoln-R, a fishing boat on Lake Erie.  It has the "stealth" design to weather the waves which can come up on Lake Erie with the wind, because of the shallowness of the lake.  The entire boat is covered over.  (See the immediately previous post below for the front view of the boat).

Lake Erie "Stealth" Fishing Boat

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I photographed this stealthy looking boat tied up at the dock at the entrance to the Welland Canal in Port Colborne on Lake Erie.  She is the Lincoln-R.  Someone said that she might be a tug boat but I doubt it because I never saw the winches and the rubber bumpers for nudging up against the lakers.  She is probably a Lake Erie fishing boat.  Her appearance is such that she is made to stand the huge waves that spring up over the shallow Lake Erie when the wind blows up.  Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes and sometimes considerable wave action takes place because of it.  In the background is a Coast Guard vessel.

Obscene Sounding English Names - Pecksniffs

Here, moisturize your hands.  Have a Pecksniff.  It sounds dirty, lascivious and vulgar.  It is a British name.  There is probably a Lord Pecksniff somewhere, and he was named for his fetish -- something called Pecksniffing.

Actually it is a moisturising hand wash -- which can sound vulgar as well when combined with pecksniffing.  Leaves your hands smelling of sandalwood and vanilla.  Hmmmm.

Voodoo Sacrificial Site Found In the Bahamas

Before the mega-resort Atlantis came to Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Cable Beach was the go-to spot for tourism.  It was featured in at least one early James Bond film.  Starlets, celebrities of all kinds and the glitterati flocked there when the Bahamas was in its prime as an exotic destination.  It was named Cable Beach because the first telephone cable connecting the Bahamas to Jupiter, Florida landed at Cable Beach.

Things are slightly different now.  It was run down and is getting a face lift with the new Baha Mar resort financed by the Chinese.  However it is just a ghost of its former self.  Tourists now want to swim with the dolphins at Atlantis.  Just a week or two ago, the Indigo Cafe known as the Pot and Cake closed down on Cable Beach because of the lack of tourists.

The Bahamas is a different place.  It is overrun with illegal immigrants.  Haitians who live in shanty towns off Joe Farrington and Cowpen Roads have landed in the Bahamas in their hope to be smuggled into the USA.  Drugs are rampant for the same reason.  Crime has skyrocketed. With the Haitians, comes their practices of voodoo.

A voodoo sacrificial site was found on Cable Beach near a pond.  A noose was found hanging from a tree. Stolen statues of angels were placed ceremoniously.  Ducks from the pond were found with their throats slit.  A machete was abandoned at the site.  It was weird and gruesome.  Here are pics from the scene.
This was the noose found hanging from the tree.  As you can see, it was made to fit a human.  Some of the feral ducks who escaped the throat slitting, are seen in the background.

The big question is where did the angels come from.  In the early 1900's the rich had magnificent estates on Cable Beach, and these angels could have once adorned an estate.  Sir Harry Oakes entertained the Duke of Windsor after he abdicated the throne on Cable Beach.  The Duke was sent here as the Governor General to get him out of the way, because he was a Hitler admirer during World War II.

This was the machete that was found abandoned at the site.  It is unknown if it was used to slit the throats of the ducks.

Whatever went on at Cable Beach, it wasn't savory.  The socio-economic fabric of the Bahamas is unraveling, and it is no longer the paradise that it once was.

Introducing John Rayburn -- Broadcaster and Author

During my days while travelling for a high tech company, I spent time in Colorado, and I came to watch and trust John Rayburn as a media star in that state.  He was elected into the Colorado Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Well, he is now an email aquaintance and a self published author.  He has a blog that can be found here:

He has a down home style of writing that has the grace of a gentler era gone by.  His latest book is I'm Not Resting, I'm Creating: The Power of POSITIVE Procrastination.  It is an eBook that can be found here:

John exudes a good positive aura about him, and with his years in the news and broadcasting business, he is a raconteur par excellence.  Please visit his blog where the rest of his books are displayed.

Scarlett Johannson Without Makeup

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Once again, my purveyor of celebrity pics has sent me a diorama of Scarlett Johannson with and without makeup.  I gotta say, that if I was passed in the street by the woman shown on the right, I don't think that I would be able to identify her as the star Scarlett Johannson.  Is Hollywood one big mirage?

Northern Summer Sunset

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One of the nice things about summer in the North Country, is the beautiful sunsets on a body of fresh water.  These are events that give you a cosmic hug and make you feel good about being alive.  The whole boreal forest is alive as well as the flora and fauna that inhabits it.  There is nothing like a North Country summer.

Bahamas National Trust Event

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I am a supporter of the Bahamas National Trust, and they are having a natural history conference on March 3-7 of 2014.    More information is on their website:   .  Please support them.

Asiana Flight 214 Pilot Fiasco

I still can't believe that any grown person could be taken in by pilot names given by the NTSB intern to the press for Asiana Flight 214 that crashed in San Francisco.  They are just beyond belief.  The other thing that I can't believe is that the NTSB would have interns answering the phones.  You would think that they would have a press office with a spokesperson that is authorized to answer queries.

This is incredible beyond belief.  However I do see the humor in the entire situation.

Barbie Doll Without the Makeup

My readers send me a lot of funny pics for inclusion.  This one was in the series of Celebrities without Makeup and they decided to show you what a Barbie doll looks like without makeup.  It appears as if the teeth have a retainer in them.  They are not as white as the regular teeth and the lines on the face are starting to show.  Brilliant.  I just saw a piece online about the anatomical peculiarities of the Barbie doll.  If she were a living person, she wouldn't be able to hold up her head with the neck that she has and the ankles are so elongated, that she would have to walk on all fours.  A lovely image.

One of the Neatest Places to Visit in Nassau

If you have read the book "Eat, Pray, Love", you will know all about attending a Yoga ashram.  There is one  on Paradise Island that one can visit or stay at, or even take yoga and other courses.  It is called the Sivananda Ashram, and when there was nothing else to do for an evening, we would go.  Even though it is on Paradise Island, you have to go across the harbor to access it, unless you walk along the beach, because the mega resort Atlantis blocks access.  They have their own boat dock at the very end of Deveaux Street in Nassau.  You can check them out online.

It is a unique experience to be driven across the harbor in a boat by a Bhuddist monk in a yellow robe.

Sharon Stone Without Makeup

Sharon Stone is getting long in the tooth (old).  She was once a favorite star of mine.  However, I became disillusioned when it came out that she lied about being a member of Mensa.  She is not as smart as she said that she was.

Vintage 78 RPM Records

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These old records went to auction and never sold.  They are old 78 RPM records.  RPM means Revolutions Per Minute and these 12 inch records spun at a high speed.  Because of the limitations such as the length of the tone arm, or the needle following the grooves in these records, they only held about 3 minutes worth of music.  The reason why they were 79 revolutions per minute, was that they ran on an Alternating Current motor which had an electrical supply of 60 cycles per second and ran at 3600 revolutions per minute and was geared down by a ration of 46:to:1.  The actual rotation was 78.26 revolutions per minute and it became a standard.

These records were fragile and breakable if you dropped them.  They were made from a shellac material.  Wikipedia describes it this way:  Exact formulas for this compound varied by manufacturer and over the course of time, but it was typically composed of about one-third shellac and about two-thirds "mineral filler", which meant finely pulverized rock, usually slate and limestone, with an admixture of cotton fibers to add tensile strength, carbon black for color (without this, it tended to be a "dirty" gray or brown color that most record companies considered unattractive), and a very small amount of a lubricant to facilitate mold release during manufacture. Some makers, notably Columbia Records, used a laminated construction with a core disc of coarser material or fiber. The production of shellac records continued until the end of the 78 rpm format (i.e., the late 1950s in most developed countries, but well into the 1960s in some other places), but increasingly less abrasive formulations were used during its declining years and very late examples in truly like-new condition can have as low noise levels as vinyl.

Vinyl records replaced these and slower speeds such as 33 and 45 rpm allowed for longer songs.

The songs on this particular series include:

  • Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy sung by Red Foley
  • Sugarfoot Rag sung by Red Foley
  • M-I-S-S-I--S-S-I-P-P-I again by Red Foley
I have no idea as to what these discs are worth.

Beyonce Without Makeup

Beyonce has a connection to the Bahamas, and she is there frequently.  She is also profiled in this series sent to me of celebrities without makeup.  The difference is stark in this case.

1953 DeHavilland-2 Mark I Beaver Aircraft on Floats

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I photographed this 1953 DeHavilland-2 Mark I Beaver aircraft on floats in cottage country.  It is a STOL (Short TakeOff and Landing) aircraft that is the workhorse of the north country.  It went out of production in 1967, but is still used heavily around the world, including military applications.  It can quickly climb to 13,000 feet.

Bahamas Prisoner Washing Police Private Vehicles - Nassau

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Not only do they humiliate the prisoners by making them wear prison stripes, but here, a prisoner is made to wash the private vehicle of a policeman.  The Bahamas is not particularly enlightened in the way that they treat prisoners and have been cited by Amnesty International.

Lady Gaga Without Makeup

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I am amazed at the stark difference between celebrities with and without makeup.  Here is Lady Gaga.  It seems that woman put on lots of foundation, have weaves put in their hair, paint their lips, put on fake eye lashes, pluck their eyebrows, wear bras that enhance their breasts, wear Spanx underwear that shapes their behind, and then complain that there are no real men out there.  But the makeup that they apply -- well they might as well use a paint roller.

Do you remember Tammy Faye Bakker?

She was the wife of 1970's disgraced, defrocked tele-evangelist Jim Bakker who went to jail for stealing money and lying about it.  Tammy was his wife, and she applied her makeup with a putty knife.  I have always contended that if they scraped down Tammy Faye, they would have found Jimmy Hoffa.

Fabulous Wild Orchids

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These wild orchids are now in bloom across the temperate fens and bogs of North America.  They are a stunning flower called Ladyslipper because the flower is a hollow bowl in the shape of a lady's slipper.  They are incredibly exotic flowers and only grow in special places that have the exact conditions for their growth.

I think that they are the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Without Makeup

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Mila Kunis has been touted as the most beautiful woman in the world.  Here she is without make-up.  Things that make you go hmmmmmmm..