One of the Most Scenic Pubs in the World

 View of the upper deck  (click on any image to enlarge)

 The upper falls

 Looking back from the boardwalk.

The view from the tables on the patio. 

The lonb look back from the falls. 

The bridge for the boardwalk.

One of the most scenic beautiful places for a pub with an outdoor patio, is the Barley Mow pub, in Almonte Ontario, Canada.  This is a historic mill town built in the 1850's by Scottish stone masons and weavers on the Mississippi River.  (Note: This is not the American Mississippi River.  Completely different).

The Barley Mow is the site of three historic stone buildings, a railway bridge (now a walkway) and cascading falls on the river.  The scenery is worth the trip, and the food is not bad either.

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