More Lucky and Unlucky Omens

My "frog in the house omen" is one of my most popular blog articles, so I thought that I would include some more omens garnered from my superstitious grandmother.

Here is a bad one:  If a bird flies into your window and dies, someone you know will die. If it hits your window and flies away, something unexpected will happen.

Here is a good one:  If a bee gets in your house, and you let it go, you will have a visitor with happy news,

Here are a few more:

If you see a groundhog, you will see an evil act.

Seeing a rabbit is good luck, and even better if you kill it and eat it.  However if it is a black rabbit, is it a witch and will bring you bad luck.  The left foot of a rabbit is the luckiest and if it is taken from the rabbit carcass during a full moon, it is the luckiest of all (except for the rabbit).

A penny is only lucky if it is lying heads up.  Otherwise leave it be.

If you have two whorls on your head, you will have two spouses in your life.

If you are on a journey, and see a flock of sheep, you will have good luck.

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