More Crime News From the Bahamas

The carnage continues unabated.  Crime in the Bahamas is out of control, and tourists are not safe.  To the question "Is it safe in the Bahamas?", the resounding answer is "NO!".  Murders happen daily.  Here is today's crime clippings from the Bahamas:

Item 1

THE interruption of US visa services because of the assault and robbery of the American Embassy’s vice consul has sent “shock-waves” through the Bahamas, the opposition FNM said.

Non-immigrant visa services were suspended yesterday following the attack on the 74-year-old diplomat, who police sources identified as Kathleen Cayer. She was attacked as she walked to church Sunday morning. Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said according to US officials, her absence from work made it difficult for regular services to continue.

Lambasting the government for failing to keep the peace, FNM MP Hubert Chipman said this was not the only recent attack on a tourist outside the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Item 2

TWO tourists were robbed in the area of Woodcock Primary on Hospital Lane yesterday, the latest example of a distressing increase in tourist related crimes on the island. The incident occurred around 12:30 pm on Monday.

Item 3

Five years in jail for robbing phone card vendor

A MAN who admitted to mugging a phone card vendor, asked a judge for a chance to turn his life around before a five-year sentence was handed down to him.

The social fabric of the Bahamas is being undone, and nothing can fix it. Crime is out of control.  The scary part is that they will kill you after they rob you.  An American tourist was shot dead two weeks ago.  You take your life into your own hands when you visit the Bahamas.

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