Dangers of Flying Local Airlines in the Bahamas

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This Sky Bahamas plane that crashed in Abaco last week.  I have flown local airlines, and once from a flight from Freeport in the middle of a thunderstorm, we dropped about a thousand feet after hitting turbulence and I thought that I was going to die.

I would suggest that if you are in the Bahamas, if you can avoid it at all, do not fly the local airlines.  The above plane landed in Fort Lauderdale Airport and was inspected by the US Federal Aviation Administration.  This is a synopsis of that report:

Inspection at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on August 31, 2012, on Sky Bahamas Airlines Limited, Saab 340 with registration number C6-SBJ, a SF-349-A aircraft, and serial number 110. The following is a list of maintenance discrepancies found during the inspection”
1) Left Main Landing Gear strut, leaking at the scrape seal.
2) Right Stabilizer leading edge de-icing boot patch repair was peeling off.
3) Right Nose Gear door ground wire was broken
4) Left engine propeller delaminated near the propeller tip on two blades.
5) Right Wing outboard of the number 2 engine de-icing boot patch repairs was peeling off.
6) Panel on lower fuselage inboard of the right wing leading edge was delaminated.
7) Another panel alongside item 6 was also delaminated.
8) Aircraft logbook contained several Category “B” MEL [Minimum Equipment List] deferred items that the deferral time was extended.
9) Aircraft arrived in the United States with no MEL Manual on Board.

The head of Sky Bahamas confirmed that the plane is a total write-off.

Makes you think twice about flying local airlines in the Bahamas.  If you have other options, exercise them.  It may save your life.

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