An Incredibly Sad Ending to a Happy Story

I was flying back to Canada from Nassau in the Bahamas, and an old friend at the airport was taking rescue dogs back to Canada.  They were Bahamian potcakes, wild dogs that run in the streets.  These puppies were in bad shape and starving when they were rescued.  A couple from St. Catherine's Ontario, Canada were adopting them.

The couple went back to the Bahamas in Exuma.  They were hit and killed by a drunk, unlicensed, uninsured Bahamian driver who left the scene of the accident.  The driver is related to the mailboat captain and the police, and as a result this murderer is going scot-free.  The Bahamian government is so corrupt that they will not prosecute.  Everything is for sale in this third world banana republic, and the Bahamians have no shame, civic pride or sense of responsibility.  This is indeed a sad story.

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