The Crappiest Shaving Gel in The World

My usual shaving foam comes in a big spray can.  It is wonderful.  My last can of it was confiscated at the airport in the Cayman Islands when I left my main luggage in Nassau and did a quick day trip. I put the shaving cream in my carry-on, and because of the size of the container, it was confiscated.  So I was travelling again to the islands.  I wanted a small compact squeeze tube.  This thing with a brand name of Bodico seemed to fit the bill.

When I first opened and used it, I was astounded.  It wasn't a gel at all.  It was a watery liquid soup.  It had the consistency of dish soap without the lather.  As I pressed on and shaved it it, it made the razor glide over the whiskers.  After the shave, I had a stubble.  Pure and total crap.

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