If I Ran A Hedgefund or a Private Equity Firm

If I ran a private equity firm or a hedge fund, I would create the next French billionaire and I would share in his success.  So who will be the next French billionaire?  It will be the guy who runs the company that puts in a chain of 24 hour convenience stores in every town and village and France.  I can't believe that one has trouble buying anything between 2 and 4 PM or after 9 PM in a small town.  That's number one.

Number two, is that I would back the new breed of cosmetics firms.  They would be beauti-ceuticals -- organic cosmetics that have a pharmaceutical pedigree.  But I would use the model of exclusivity -- it's not for ugly or poor women.

I have a whole black book of things that I would invest in.  Now to find a capital pool.

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