Funny Translation

I saw this literal computer translation of a hotel review written in German and translated by Google Translate.  It is hilarious:

Due to our delayed flight, we reached the hotel after midnight. Part of our family had lunch already checked in, but then was out all day was. After we brought our kids (11 +12 +20) into the bed and came into the other room, our people were just busy with a hunt for bed bugs! After a complaint with the night porter / in two new rooms were a higher floor offered us. After the tour, we found that although there are (perhaps) no bed bugs, but so bad that the smell of a room flooding with sewage that night would be impossible. Our kids so we let her sleep and placed us with the hope that they will not be bothered by the blood suckers to bed. When I then almost fell asleep around 2:30 am, I was awakened by a bite in the ass again from the slumber sleep! For an hour we were looking for - "just" a bug on the bed and discovered are then still asleep with a burning light of sheer fatigue. The best is yet only: In the morning the manager came up with the assertion that we have even introduced the bugs as we determined directly from New York would come and there is full of them! But since we had more, we have not fought long and went away ... I think as a joke you have ever experienced! Stay away! Never again!

The assbite line was the one that got me.

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