Redneck Life

A reader sent me some photos of redneck life.  Here is a sampling of Southern life on a shoestring with not a lot of style sense.

Click on any of them for a larger image.

We are calling this the virtual roof-top racks.

Bass fishing in an economic but comfortable boat.

The house of a redneck protologist.

Tennessee lottery winner.

A real hot tub.

Note the pregnant bride with the cigarette.  Who's the one with the most sense in this pic -- the dog!

A stretch pickup.  Great for carrying all of your relatives.

Moving on up!

Redneck babysitter.

Going out in style.

Nothing like a creek cruise.

Every redneck's dream and fantasy.

Call this a grass chopper.

The kind of girl you want to bring home to mom.  Wait a minute, this is mom.


I'll bet that this guy is a real treat to sleep with.

Words fail me.

Now this is really a good idea.  Green. Environmental.

Wedding cake bliss.

And speaking of weddings.

Upper cabin.


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