Fake Obama Student Card

(click for larger image)

The racist anti-Obama birther asshats are at it again.  Circulating in the emails is a picture entitled "Look what was found" with a note saying that it would not be long before the Government suppressed this.

These redneck rectums who distribute this crap know that it is made up.  However, they still can't believe that a Black man won the presidency twice.  The card is made out to a Barry Soetoro which is supposed to imply that Barack Obama was a foreign student attending Columbia using his father's name in 1981?  

The card has been faked.  Columbia actually didn't issue those types of cards until the 1990's and this particular one with that number was issued to a Thomas Lugert in 1998.  See below.

There is no hope for America as long as you have these lying, racist asshats from the Deep South circulating this crap.  What a bunch of retards.

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