Last Minute Ideas for Inexpensive but Treasured Christmas Gifts

Stumped as to what to give for Christmas.  Here are some last minute gift ideas that will win hearts and won't hurt you in the wallet.

1) Photographs.  Frame a photograph and it will be treasured.  Photographs to consider are pictures of deceased loved ones, pets both past and present, holidays together, or photographs of treasured places.  For example, if you have a neighbor that has moved

2) Food Baskets.  Do you have someone to buy for and can't think of anything.  Buy a basket and fill it with their favorite foods, be it Nutella, jams, biscuits, cheeses or fruits, or a combination thereof.  Tuck in a little bottle of their favorite libation and you have a winner.

3) Building on the photograph theme, give them a photo key chain for electronic pictures.  They are relatively inexpensive and you can open the gift and load up some of your favorite pictures.

4) Gift cards for a meal at a favorite restaurant.  Accompany this with a note saying "I know that you will be busy this holiday weekend, so have a dinner out on me".

5) Offer the person a personal service like a housecleaning, dog walking, babysitting or if appropriate, a massage.  Create a coupon and put it in a fancy envelope.

6) If you at all are artsy, create a keepsake for them.  Be it scrapbooking, painting, sketching or quilting, in this modern 'Made In China' world, people treasure hand made items.

These are six quick ideas to help you get out of a jam this Christmas.  I am off running to do my Christmas shopping now.

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