I don;t know how the crows do it.

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This is a murder of crows.  That is the official name for a flock of crows.  The reason that I photographed them, was that I was amazed at their abilities.  Two days ago before the snow storm, I threw out a couple of tablespoons of rice vermicelli on the ground.  Then the snow came and covered it all up with an inch and a half of snow.

I really don't know they found the rice noodles, but they did.  The yard is a big place, and the food was frozen so it didn't give off a very big smell.  Yet I found these crows digging out rice noodles out of the snow.  I really don't know how they found the small amount of food so quickly.

The reason that they are in the tree, is that they were spooked when I moved the Venetian blind on the window to photograph them.

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