Beating A Dead Horse -- Horse Dies in the Street

When you end up in Nassau in the Bahamas, please don't take a horse-drawn surrey ride.  The horses are starved, mal-treated and are treated cruelly.  Bahamians as a rule are very unenlightened when it comes to animals.  Potcakes (feral dogs) run wild in the streets and are pounded flat into the pavement when they are hit by cars.  No one gives these animals any dignity.  Many many times, my wife would roll down the window and shout "STOP BEATING YOUR DOG" to indigenous Bahamians.

The horse-drawn carriage trade is horrendous.  They charge tourists $60 for a ride around Nassau.  The horses are mal-nourished.  They have ribs showing.  Half of the watering spigots at the surrey stand do not work.  There are rules stating that rides may not be given during the hot hours of 1-3 PM, yet these rules are not obeyed.  When you shout at them to get off the streets, they sass you and say "you takin' bread frum my mout'".

This is a street scene from yesterday in the Bahamas.  A horse pulling a surrey died it in the street.  A truck was called, the legs were tied together, and the carcass will be towed away to rot somewhere.  There are no animal rendering plants in the Bahamas.

So please spread the word.  If you arrive on a cruise ship in Nassau, please don't take a horse drawn carriage or surrey ride.  Please, for the love of animals.

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Anonymous said...

Many years ago, there were horse drawn carriages in the French Quarter in New Orleans and shortly after I moved there in 1976, there were several incidents of horsed dying in the streets.

I will go so far as to say that there was little evidence that I saw that the animals were maltreated, as the industry was regulated, which is not to say that there weren't any infractions discovered after some investigations.

Eventually, the decision was made that horses were not robust enough to handle the heat and humidity of the city, so it was mandated that the move be made to mule drawn carriages.

That doesn't have the same right to it as horse drawn carriages, but I haven't heard any stories of mules dying in the street.

It has been sixteen years since I moved from New Orleans, though.