How Republicans Want Women To Dress

The Republican Party, in advance of the election have issued a new dress code for women if they are elected.  It is pictured above.  They also announced that women will no longer be able to have in vitro fertilization.  They will not be able to have abortions.  If they are raped, then they must carry the child, and raise it because it is the will of god.

The Republicans go on to say that there will be a different set of rules for the rich folk and the rest of the folk.  And for the average Joe, the Taliban had some pretty good ideas.

The Latinos will all self-deport unless they are not finished picking lettuce, and the black kids from the ghetto will now be the janitors in their school.  The pope will be the last word on sexual practices for women, especially child rearing, and if your are sick, it is too damn bad.  Die because health care is not a right, it is a privilege.

So please vote Republican.  They are the most qualified to lead America into the Dark Ages.

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