How Republicans Want Women To Dress

The Republican Party, in advance of the election have issued a new dress code for women if they are elected.  It is pictured above.  They also announced that women will no longer be able to have in vitro fertilization.  They will not be able to have abortions.  If they are raped, then they must carry the child, and raise it because it is the will of god.

The Republicans go on to say that there will be a different set of rules for the rich folk and the rest of the folk.  And for the average Joe, the Taliban had some pretty good ideas.

The Latinos will all self-deport unless they are not finished picking lettuce, and the black kids from the ghetto will now be the janitors in their school.  The pope will be the last word on sexual practices for women, especially child rearing, and if your are sick, it is too damn bad.  Die because health care is not a right, it is a privilege.

So please vote Republican.  They are the most qualified to lead America into the Dark Ages.

Harsh Winter Ahead?

The old timers and apparently the Indians used to say that they could judge how bad the winter would by how fuzzy the caterpillars are.

Well, I have been seeing a pile of fuzzy caterpillars lately, and they all have an inordinate amount of fuzz on them.  They are the fuzziest that I have seen in years.

So according to the old sayings, we will be in for a tough winter.  Let's see if this turns out to be true.

Good Digital Reads: Chevron of The Thurifer -- Kindle Book

Good Digital Reads: Chevron of The Thurifer -- Kindle Book: There are a few intriguing things about this book.  The first is the title.  Most people don't know what a thurifer is.  But they would immediately know if they smelled one... (Read More) 

Get the book:

Amazing Animal Pictures Part III

Here are some more amazing animal pictures.  This will be the last of the series.  If you want to see the entire series, go to the labels, and click on the animals tag.

Come on in, the water's fine.

Holy Moley, does that thing bite?

Cute as a button.

Force Majeure.  It's a cat eat dog world out there.

In the spirit of cooperation ...

What time is it Mr. Fish?

These are all my great great great great great grandkids.

Do you nose anything good lately?


Why The Catholic Church Has Become Irrelevant

The Roman Catholic church has lost its way.  This is a copy of an email that was sent to the archbishop.  Of course there was no response.  Ironically, the archdiocese has a button on its website begging for money.

I must say that I choke when I see the words on the website that Archdiocese of ********* serves the people of God in the archdiocese.  That has not been the case at St.************* Parish.  The hypocrisy of those words is shown in the actions of the parish priest.

My mother died and was buried on September 11th and it is just now where the anger at the parish and the church has subsided enough to write this email.  My mother was a devout Catholic who lived her faith every day.  While she was able, she attended mass almost every day.  Throughout her life, she tithed the family income and gave it to the church even though we were a large poor Catholic family.  Many a day for days on end, all there was for supper was pasta and margarine, but the church got 10% of my father's meager wages nonetheless.

When my mother and father could no longer keep up the house, they picked an apartment that was walking distance to the church.  My mother and father made devotional objects for the missions, and the church was central in their lives.

So when my mother passed away, rather than being the Good Shepherds, the parish priest told us that there was already another funeral on the date, and he would NOT do another.  My sisters were left scrambling to find another priest, and they found a retired priest who would do the service.  The parish of St. ********** charged that priest $300 for the use of the church to conduct my mother's funeral, even though she was an avid parishioner.  The hypocrisy and outright simony is disgusting.

The pastor is acting as a clerk in a financial transaction working union hours.  This behaviour is disgusting and in no way reflects any Christian values or the teachings of Jesus.

I don't expect this email to have any effect at all as the church has no history of abjuring its egregious actions that are contrary to its stated Christian principles.

I can't see how any priests could use the term "Pastoral Care" and behave as above.  Disgusting.

Amazing Animal Pictures Part 3

Here are some more amazing animal pictures:

Birds of a Feather?

Oooooh that's cold!

Nirvana -- a hedgehog with a strawberry.

Simply -- WOW !!!!

Curled and cosy!

Okay -- everyone to their corner!

I ain't afraid of you.

The color of the surroundings has gotten in my blood!

Animals are amazing.  Enjoy!

Amazing Animal Pictures Part II

Here are some more amazing animal pictures.  Click on the pictures for a larger image

A New Home for the Family

Looks like upside down birthday candles on a pinata.

We all have problems giving up the things of childhood.

Flower child.

Happy with the new paint job.

Department of Redundancy Department.

Friends no matter how your body changes.

Everyone always gets concerned when the ambulance shows up.

Doesn't this seal the deal?

Who says that dogs are a man's best friend?

The ice cubes are the best part of the drink.

Mother and child reunion.

The unveiling!

The big scary world is safer with friends.

Enjoy !!!

Top Secret Alien Autopsy Room

Below are archival pictures of a top secret military installation in an underground bunker where alien autopsies were performed in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  Click on any image to enlarge.

The examining room for the chief physician.

Autoclave and various surgical instruments in the operating theater.

Emergency manuals on the shelves.

The huge bell suction machine.

The physician's desk.

Centrifuge and test equipment.

Another view.  Note the microscope in the background.

The table.

Berry Islands Bahamas From the Air

(click for larger image)

This is an aerial shot of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas.  The Berry Islands are between Nassau and Freeport.  They are relatively uninhabited and are the second home to extremely rich people who own their own islands there.  The fishing is fabulous for big game fishing.  Great Harbour Cay is the main island and was settled in 1836.  It is a great place to visit by boat, being just several hours by motor boat off the Florida coast.

In this picture, one can see the small airstrip at the very end of the island.

Tropical Bird Explosion ~ Birdwalk BNT

(click to enlarge image)

If you are in the Bahamas this Saturday and are looking for something to do, I would highly recommend the October Birdwalk.  I am a member of the Bahamas National Trust, and this is one of their most interesting events.  Not only do you get to see tropical birds, but you get to see the birds that have already migrated down to the winter over in the Bahamas.

Paint Flaking Off Air Canada Anniversary Plane

I had the distinct pleasure of flying in the AirBus 319 Air Canada's 75th Anniversary plane.  It was painted in the vintage Trans Canada Airline motif.

Here is a pic of the plane.
(click for larger image)

As I was sitting in my seat flying from Nassau to Toronto, I looked out the window and saw that there was quite a bad case of acne on the paint job.  I couldn't believe that the paint was flaking so badly off the engine cowling.  Here is a shot of it.

(click for larger\image)

I began to wonder why had it flaked off.  Was there some contamination?  Did the engine get so hot that it blistered off.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Here is a short video that I took of the engine cowling in flight:

Justin Bieber Vomits on Stage

(click for larger picture)

Justin Bieber vomits on stage, then goes on to finish the concert and even do an encore.  He tweeted afterwards that "milk was a bad choice".

I have seen babies vomit milk and let me tell you that it ain't pretty or doesn't smell like roses.  One wonders if there was an excess of vodka in the milk. Curious minds gotta know.