Borat Had it Right about Azerbaijan

Doesn't this look like a parody out of a Borat film? It is in fact a picture of Aliev, the Prime Minister or President of Azerbaijan. Look at the honor guard in the background. Look at the nose and the mustache that looks like a tuft of underarm hair or worse under a hugely Roman nose. This really looks like a parody.

But the sad part is that an ax murderer chopped up an Armenian in Turkey. Armenia and Azerbaijan border one another and they hate each other guts. The Turks imprisoned the ax murderer. Azerbaijan requested his extradition to serve his jail time at home. They promised the Turks that it would be at least 25 years. When the chopper dude gets home, he get a pardon and free apartment, just to piss off the Armenians. This is really a Borat film come to life. It is Life Imitating Art.

The other Life Imitating Art episode happened when a World's games committee awarded a gold medal to an Azerbaijani athlete. They downloaded the Azerbaijan national anthem from the internet. It was the fake Borat parody version. This is a country that could be put on television as reality entertainment.

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