Best Local Food in the Cayman Islands

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We were looking for a place in the Cayman Islands to have lunch.  One of the highest rated eateries according to on the island was this food shack at the end of Seven Mile Beach.

I ordered the fried grouper.  Let me tell you, tripadvisor was not wrong.  They have their own delicious hot sauce that they package and sell in recycled jars that is delicious.

The cost of a fried grouper combination plate that included a generous portion of fresh fried grouper with sauce, seasoned rice, a couple of fried plantain sticks, a fritter and half a key lime was $10 Cayman dollars which is $12.50 US.

Well worth the trip.  The eating place is picnic tables next to it under a patio awning, and that is awesome too , because the sea is just across the street.

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