Liquid Wrench By Gunk ~ Product Review and Endorsement

I just love it when a product works the way that it is supposed to. I had a reverse osmosis tap on the sink come off its moorings. Water had dripped down and the nut was corroded, calcified, mummified and fried. I tried putting a wrench to it, and the nut was stuck. The copper piping started to bend with the force. I couldn't let the pipe bend because it would destroy the fixture.

I tried WD40 on it several times and nada -- nothing. Then I remembered a three year old container of Liquid Wrench by Gunk in the workshop. One drop and the nut came loose easily. Love it. Saved a lot of time, sweat and cursing.

I was not paid to endorse this product, nor did I receive any kind of encouragement or compensation to do so. I just love it when a product works better than expected. And yeah, I am a little disappointed in my old standby - WD 40. I think this definitively answers what is better, Liquid Wrench or WD 40.

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