So What Do You Think This Is .. Pig Skin, Chicken Feet

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So what do you think this is? Pigskin? Close-up of chicken feet? Microphotograph of cells from inside of your mouth?

This is actually a NASA picture from Mars. It was taken in 2008 and it is on the floor of Ius Chasma, the largest canyon in the solar system. This landform (or Mars-form) was created by a process called sapping where water would seep from the cliffs and creep down, but evaporate before reaching the canyon floor.

Amazing shot. Mars would be a fascinating place, but according to Elton John in Rocket Man, it ain't the kind of place to raise your kids.

Sure-fire Groundhog Repellent

A groundhog or woodchuck took up quarters underneath our deck. I did see the movie Groundhog Day and wondered if I would have to call in the big guns (professional exterminator) to get rid of the critter.

Since he was under a wooden 6x6 wooden deck next to the flower garden and tasty, succulent hostas and hydrangeas, I figured that I could hose him out. I turned on the hose, and I think that he quite enjoyed the shower. There is little half inch spaces between the 6x6 timbers, so I knew that I was nailing him with the spray of water, and he seemed to appreciate the built-in amenities. Stomping and sound failed to drive him out. It was time to turn into Chemical Ali and chase him out with a proprietary repellent formula. I will share it with you here.

I took two cups of household ammonia (don't inhale the fumes), and dumped it down the holes. I followed that with two cups of Woolite for darks. I did this at both entrances. Five minutes later, old groundhog made a beeline for the woods. This was last night. I saw him over at the neighbor's property this morning. I managed to stink him out from under the deck. Worked like a charm. I imagine it will work for skunks or any other pests. That household ammonia is powerful stuff, and whatever is in Woolite, clings to their fur and they hate it.

So this is a sure-fire groundhog repellent. If it works for you, send money. The hell with it, send me money anyway. It will make us both happy.

Software Stream of Consciousness: The Perils of Technical Trading in Stocks

Software Stream of Consciousness: The Perils of Technical Trading in Stocks: I was first introduced to technical trading as a software analyst. I was hired to write some proprietary algorithms for a stock and commodities trading group. When I was first introduced to the principles of technical trading, I was blown away. I had thought that fundamentals were the only way to trade (in fundamental trading you look at the companies balance sheet and how well it is doing and whether its markets are expanding and contracting. In technical trading, you just look at the performance of the price alone to gauge what will happen next.)

Here is an example of a very simple algorithm in technical trading. The red line is an exponential weighted moving average of the stock price plotted against the actual price day by day. The rule is when the red line is above the stock price, the price will fall, and when the red line is below the stock price, the price will rise. And it can work rather well. READ MORE

Mid-Summer's Day Time Dream ~ Monarch and Maple

The sun is beating down in a mid summer orgy of beautiful weather. The cicadas are high in the trees buzzing away. There is a gentle breeze. The canopy of maple leaves are spread out to catch the sun. And perched on one of the maple leaves in the sun, is the majestic monarch butterfly. We love the things that summer brings.

Last Look at the Joe Paterno Statue at Penn State

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For those of you who missed it, Penn State took down the statue of Joe Paterno over the weekend. Here is you last chance to get a glimpse of this now infamous statue.

Tiger Woods' Hole In One at the British Open

An action shot of Tiger Woods' only hole in one at the British Open. His play was stunningly under par, but not his score.

Is George Zimmerman Lying?

Psychologists tell us that excessive blinking is a sign that a person is trying to deceive us. I watched the Hannity interview with Zimmerman on Fox, and the timing of the blinks was interesting. The statement "I am not a racist or a murder" was accompanied by three blinks. This huge blink pictured above came when Zimmerman said that he shot Trayvon Martin because Martin said "You are going to die tonight".

Is Zimmerman lying? You decide. Zimmerman is out on a million dollars bail after his initial bail was revoked when he was found lying to judge about the amount of money that he had. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Human Footprints on Mars???

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Have human beings walked on Mars? Take a look at this photo released by NASA. The ground in the yellow circle sure seems to look like one of the footprints left behind on the moon when the astronauts landed there in 1969. It doesn't appear to be a trick of lighting. The whole imprint is shaped like a foot. Martians?

Islands of Life DVD ~ Nassau

If you are in Nassau, do not miss your opportunity to see the Islands of Life DVD at the Bahamas National Trust. Film’s creator Bo Boudart will be on hand for discussion after the movie.

Pea Brained Anti-Obama Racists

I have an acquaintance in Texas who claims to be a born-again Christian and an American Patriot. I have heard him call Obama (his president) a N*GGER and a Muslim. This is an example of the bull that spews from these hypocrites. I got this by email:

THE FLAG IS GONE. Have You Noticed?

For a long time, we have noticed that the decor at the White House has changed since BHO moved in. The Oval Office is now stripped of the traditional red, white, and blue,
and replaced with Middle Eastern Wallpaper, drapes, and decor.
The hallway that he walks out of to talk to the press now has
middle eastern chairs, drapes, etc. And the thing that has bothered me the
most is the bright yellow drape behind him every time he speaks from the
white house. It has Arabic symbols on it and has been there from the beginning.

Today I received this and it clearly shows what I have been noticing. That
bright yellow curtain is highly visible, but as you scroll down, you will

see what is predominantly absent. Also, as you look at the pictures of
other presidents speaking from the same spot, look at the traditional
'American' background and decor as opposed to the new decor. Trust me
when I say that this is intentional. It should alarm every American.
What is missing at Barack Hussein Obama's press conference?

No it is not the Teleprompters. See the other presidents pics for a clue.






That's American flags!!!

VOTE in November like your way of life depends on it!Because it does!!!!!

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

Kim Kardashian is photographed without makeup after a work-out in California. I dunno, but guessing by the hips, the body still needs work. Click for a larger image. Looking like that, I don't think that I would cross the street just to see her.

Really Weird Mushroom Growing on Forest Floor

I found this really strange mushroom growing on the forest floor. It looks a bit like a brain. Is it a mushroom or a fungus? I think that mushrooms are fungi, but I am not sure. This is one strange growth.

Fascinating Brick Mural

I found this fascinating brick mural on the side of a building in a port town on the Great Lakes. The nautical theme went with this town's history as a shipping point from days gone by to the present. From what I could tell, the bricks weren't painted, but actually colored bricks were used. However, I don't think that the color was a glaze on the bricks.

Bahamas National Trust Dance Tomorrow Night

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Looking for something to do on a Friday night in Nassau, the Bahamas. Please support the Bahamas National Trust and attend this dance at their beautiful venue called "The Retreat" on Village Road.

From downtown, take Bay Street to the Paradise Island bridges and keep going straight. It is now East Bay Street. Go past Harbour Bay Shopping Center, and go around the bend. Stay in the right lane. At the lights turn right on Shirley Street. Immediately at the next set of lights, turn left on Village Road. The Retreat will be down Village Road on your left. Since you are driving on the left hand side of the road in the Bahamas, it is a natural turn. You will see cars parked on the boulevard. There is parking at the school parking lot across the street from the Retreat.

More Retro Vintage Clip Art from the 1960's

Here is some more vintage clip art that I harvested. The year was 1966. Click to get a larger image. Fill your boots if you want to use this.

Happy Summer Holidays

Whether you are celebrating Canada Day or July 4th, here's hoping that you have a smashing holiday weekend, and great summer -- with some of it in the great outdoors.