Some Observations About Luka Magnotta

By putting up pictures of Luka Magnotta years ago, this blog has become again the focus attention. Who knew that due to an alignment of the planets that two sickos would come together - Karla Homolka and Luka Magnotta. Even though Magnotta denies any connection with Homolka, he is Facebook friend of the Homolka family.

There are two observations that I have to make. Someone has been harassing me about the Magnotta pictures on this blog. And there are weird requests to send contact information to post stuff on this blog. No one else really cares much about the daily mental meanderings on the Cosmological Cabbage.

It appears that Luka Magnotta is on the lam. If I were the police from Montreal Canada, I would find Karla Homolka to look for Luka Magnotta. And by most accounts on the grapevine, it would either be in Guadeloupe, or close to the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario Canada. The other possible hiding place to look, is the home of a prominent bi-sexual porn producer in Nassau Bahamas.

Let's hope that the Montreal police haven't put Inspector Clouseau on the case.

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utd said...

I don't think it will take too long to catch this loser. His trial will give him his 15 minutes of fame (if he isn't taken out before then) and then he'll just become a footnote in the long history of mentally ill criminals.