Normal Rectal Temperatures of Some Animals

I am always fascinated by esoteric knowledge. Thus I was recently in a huge library in a private house and came across a reference book from 1965. It had a chart in it of normal rectal temperatures of various animals. Well .... enquiring minds gotta know.

So here are some normal values that you get from sticking a thermometer into the rectum of common farm animals:

  • Pig ~ 102.0 degrees F
  • Sheep ~103.0 degrees F
  • Cow ~ 101.5 degrees F
  • Horse ~ 100.5 degrees
Contrast that with a human where if you stick a probe up his or her bum, you will get 98.6 degrees F.

From the above info, it is obvious that sheep are the hottest, and many a poor lonely shepherd will attest to that. Horses are the coolest.

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