Glorious Sunday -- Getting Away From It All

(click to enlarge image)

So I am sitting here on this glorious Sunday in the sun -- working -- programming. I'd like to run away and relax in a remote cottage in a wonderful place. I have a place in mind. Take a look at this remote cottage under the Scottish Highlands. The perfect getaway. The mountains in the background is called the Saddle. The place is bucolic and idyllic. The little white dot is a barely used cottage.

The only discordant note in this picture, is that this Loch Long in Scotland. The loch is incredibly deep. Just over on the next loch is Gare Loch and Faslane -- the home of the British nuclear submarines. They use the loch pictured here to calibrate their torpedos. Under the calm surface of the loch, lurks stealth weapons of destruction loaded with Trident Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles capable of destroying the world.

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