Truth in Advertising ~ The web has a long way to go

I saw this ad on my blog the other day. The first thought was that they were imitating Facebook with the font and color scheme. Then I read the content.

Here is some nubile blonde asking me for a chat request, AND she is online now, AND she is 2.8 miles from me. Whooo hoooo !! Yeah right.

If this was a print ad, they would be responsible for the content to the advertising council, the various consumer agencies and the better business bureau. There seems to be a different standard for the internet, even though the servers hosting these ads are probably in the United States or some other country that has consumer protection laws.

Now, I am a proponent for a free internet, but there should be standards and consequences for false and misleading advertising. I don't know how one would regulate it or the mechanism for it, but there has to be something put in place.

Maybe there is a paradigm of "the crowd is always right" where the crowd has a mechanism to censure the offenders. Let me think on this idea for a bit.

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Joseph said...

Sorry for responding so long after you posted this, but just to clarify: the Advertising Council is the nation's leading producer of public service advertising (PSA's), and wouldn't really have anything to do with this type of marketing. I do believe you might mean the 4A's (a.k.a. the American Association of Advertising Agencies) or the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), two of the most prominent trade associations of the advertising industry.