Product Review: Dadario Guitar Strings

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I just bought a guitar, and the above tag was on the guitar. It says that my new instrument was strung with D'Addario strings.

I gotta say -- ME LIKE !!! Other than a bit of blacking from the steel for the initial play -- they are great strings. My guitar callouses are gone, and these strings don't turn my fingers to hamburger until I get my callouses back. They don't stretch and keep their tune, and I like their sound.

D'Addario was originally an Italian company from way back. They are now in the US. Their website is a treat as well:

As with any other product review, I was not paid for this, nor did I get product in kind, nor is the company aware that I am doing this product review. All product reviews on this site are products that I like or dislike. To me, this is a great product.

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