Nigerian Scam Now Back to Snail Mail

(Click for larger image)

The Nigerians, West Africans, Burkinians and African cheats are still at it with their stupid scam offering you a share of millions of dollars for helping get some money out of the country. The scam works this way. They say that some person died and they have access to unclaimed money. They cannot access the money themselves, but they need a partner. They need a small fee or your identification particulars to get the money transfer going. They either keep your money (and ask for more) or use identity theft (your identity) to get money.

They quickly adopted email, and a lot of the international email traffic was the Nigerian scam. However, since email spam filters have become more intelligent, the business of scamming has suffered. So they have gone back now to tried and true. They have gone back to snail mail.

The above letter was received by a North American businessman with a public profile. They addressed him by his first name. You know that they are desperate because postage is no longer inexpensive. But it must have some returns for them to do it. Unfortunately there must be some percentage of the population that is gullible, otherwise these types of scams would have died out a long time ago.

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