WalMart Under A Different Name

I was in Dumbarton Scotland recently and I needed some shaving cream. Being unfamiliar with the city, we drove around until we came across a strip of stores and a large store called ASDA jumped out at us. We went in and I bought "ASDA Sweet Price Shaving Foam". It was a rather large size.

The next morning, after shaving and dressing, my significant other asked me if I was going for the Andrea Bocelli look because my whiskers were showing. I went up to look in the mirror, and sure enough, it was the worst shaving job that I have ever encountered. I dry-shaved the stubble. The shaving cream was crap. It is thinnish, very foamy with no viscosity or substance. Put simply, it does not do the job.

I mentioned this to someone, and they informed me that ASDA is in fact, WalMart under another name in the UK, and they sell cheap Chinese crap. That explained a lot. Later on in the week, while driving from Glasgow to Edinburgh on the M8, I saw an ASDA supply lorry, and sure enough, it had "part of the WalMart family" painted on the back.

So when it comes to shaving foam, I am still going with Gillette as the best ever. And as for this stuff, they can shove it up their ASDA.

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