There, I Fixed It

This series of photos depicts redneck ways of fixing things. They came to me via email, from a website of presumably the same name: There, I Fixed it.

Some of these fixes, although slapdash, are quite ingenious (but maybe a little dangerous). Enjoy.

Nice spare tire.

A barbeque on wheels.

Can't miss gears with this.

I wonder if the rest of the bathroom matches?

Perfect for those who live in glass houses.

You can sit while you shave.

Adds years of life to the fridge.

Makes dusting easier as well.

Now this is really ingenious!!!!!!!!

Hmmm. India and Nassau comes to mind.

I would have never of thought of this.


I always liked those big carriers on the front of a bike.

The pleasures of a hot shower.

Keep on trucking

This is clever too!

Adds a little bit of zip to the swimming experience.

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