Lamborghini SUV ~ Pure Prostitution

Ever since the Lamborghini Countach came out, I have been a fan of this Italian automaker. The car had pizzazz. The Bertone design screamed performance. Even the name Countach was a Piedmontese swear word to describe the anatomy (or certain bits thereof) of an extremely beautiful voluptuous woman. Everything about Lamborghini was about style and performance.

And now, Lamborghini says that they are coming out with an SUV (pictured above). That's like saying that a horse breeder who breeds horses to run for the Triple Crown will now be giving pony rides at the state fair. That's like saying that the New York Yankees will now play T-Ball. That's like saying that Walmart will turn into a dollar store and sell cheap Chinese crap -- okay that's the exception that proves the rule, but you get what I mean.

When someone buys an SUV, they don't want a vehicle that can go 60 miles an hour down a logging road. They don't want to climb an untracked hill at 40 miles per hour. They don't want to go from zero to sixty in 5 seconds while driving to backpack in the Adirondacks or Yellowstone Park.

This is pure prostitution on Lamborghini's part. It is like finding out that your beloved wife is selling her body downtown. This is a blunder for Lamborghini. Someday they will wake up, like a drunk after a frosh party and say "I did WHAT ???".

This is a sad day for Lamborghini fans.

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