Airline Review KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

It took a further half hour from this point to be checked in at the Glasgow Airport at KLM because the printer was broken and boarding passes were written by hand.
Several years ago, it was a rare pleasure to fly KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline. They were the epitome of Dutch efficiency, pleasantness, and luxury. I have to say that they have fallen a long way. The KLM experience is worse or at best, on par with an economy charter flight.

I started in Glasgow. It is a smallish airport compared to other centers. I arrived two hours and ten minutes early to fly to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, and then continue on to North America. When I arrived at the KLM check-in, there was perhaps twenty people ahead of me in line. That line took an hour to process. The printer to print the boarding passes was broken and they agents were writing the boarding passes by hand. The agent informed me that this was the second flight that they had processed this way. Unbelievable in this day and age.

The trans-Atlantic flight was a nightmare. The seats were like cattle cars with virtually no space between them. I couldn't even fully open my laptop computer to work. The screen had to stay at a 45 degree angle. The seat in front of me was broken, and my seat would not return to its original upright position. I had to manually drag it up by hand.

The food was a miniature wrap with two bits of chicken and no choice for the vegetarian one. They threw a box of food at you. The snack was a bag of smoked almonds that had 6 almonds in it. The flight attendants looked like they were stressed.

All in all, the experience was unpleasant, and for my next trans-Atlantic trip, KLM airlines will not be my carrier of choice. It really is too bad that they have degenerated this far.

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