Musings On Who Killed Dick Oland

I'm kind of late to the game of learning of the murder of Dick Oland. To those of you who don't know, Dick Oland was of the Canadian family who owned the last large independent brewery brewing Moosehead beer which is known around the world.

Dick Oland was vice-president of the brewery and he was difficult to get along with. When it came time for succession, he was passed over by his father for his older brother Derek, and eventually Derek bought Dick out.

Dick went on to yacht racing, spending his wealth and a variety of business ventures.

Dick was found bludgeoned to death in his St. John New Brunswick office in the summer of 2011. Newspaper reports say that he was murdered with the blunt end of an ax. The murder is not solved. It is my opinion that it never will be.

Police aren't saying much other than he was murdered by someone that he knew. They executed search warrants at his son Dennis's house and the family yacht. That was months ago. Still no progress.

My contention is that this bears all of the hallmarks of another famous unsolved murder of a Canadian business tycoon -- the murder of Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas. That also happened on a July day, but in 1943. That murder has officially never been solved as well. However through the intervening years, it has become known that he was murdered by a business partner, HG Christie who's name still adorns a real estate firm in the Bahamas today.

Sir Harry planned on bringing gambling to the Bahamas and he had a huge falling out with HG (Harry) Christie. Christie carefully planned the murder, including an alibi for himself. He was also powerful enough to insinuate that Sir Harry's unpopular son-in-law was responsible, and there was a huge show trial in Nassau. The son-in-law was eventually acquitted, but not until after the rope was ordered for his hanging.

The similarities between the two murders are eerie. Both were wealthy business men. Both were murdered on exactly the same day -- July 7th. Both were bludgeoned and battered to death. In the case of Oakes, his body was partially burned and covered with feathers. Initial guilt first centered on family members in both cases. In both cases, there was no sign of forcibly entry -- they knew or were expecting their attackers. Both were blunt outspoken men who left their footprints on other peoples back.

Analyzing it logically, you don't go up to a second story office, and have an conversation with someone, and then grab a statue, ax, a frozen piece of mutton or something and bludgeon them repeatedly after a gentleman's disagreement.

Nope. Logic points to a planned murder. The ferocity of bludgeoning suggests by all profiler accounts, that the attacker knew the victim, and intense emotional hate is the hallmark of such a crime.

So here's a hint to the Maritime cops. Look at the most recent business partners of Dick Oland. One of them is a murderer.

UPDATE:  New information has come out that was previously held back by the police.  It involves blood on the jacket of his son, and being seen with a change of clothes after visiting the old man.  Things that make you go hmmmm.  I think that I am about to change my opinion of the case.

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Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog. Your views are very interesting and absolutely bang on!! My opinion only. People have been pointing the finger at specific family member. So sad, I hope our local police haven't focused too much on that person and have decided to step out of the box.

Just a buisness deal gone bad :(