Lexmark Fails to Meet The Mark

Lexmark is really annoying me off. I have a Lexmark printer. It hasn't been used much at all. After I printed a sheet, it stopped working. It behaved as something was blocking the paper delivery mechanism.

I watched an online video how to clear paper jams. The video wasn't about my model of printer, but it gave me confidence to find the tabs and open the back.

The exact problem is that the sheet goes half way down and then meets an obstruction. It shuffles from side to side and then gives me the out of paper flash screen on the computer. When I pull out the sheet of paper, it has a crease on the leading edge. It seems that it is being fed into a slot, and something is blocking the slot.

The trouble is that even after finding the back door, and the tabs to release it, you still can't see anything. There is another piece of plastic blocking the view, and I don't want to break anything.

I emailed Lexmark customer service a few days ago from their website. Nada. Nothing.

Lexmark sucks when it comes to customer service. Goodbye Lexmark.

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