Election Time in The Bahamas -- Proof Reader Needed For Corrupt Party

The Bahamas gained independence in 1973 from Britain. They elected Lynden Pindling as Prime Minister, and he ran one of the most corrupt governments ever under the banner of the PLP or Progressive Liberal Party. A small island called Norman's Cay in the Exumas was given over entirely to the Columbian cocaine cartels under Pablo Escobar, and with the protection of the Bahamian government and the PLP party, they ran cocaine into the United States for years.

The Bahamas ditched the PLP in 1992, but after 10 years of progressive rule, they defeated a referendum by the FNM party (Free National Movement) that would have liberalized the economy and gave constitutional equality to women -- something that the Bahamas still doesn't have. The FNM lost the election in 2002 as well.

The PLP came in from 2002 to 2007 and again ran an extremely corrupt government. One of the most famous scandals of the PLP was the Anna Nicole Smith scandal and Minister Shane Gibson.

The PLP ran Shane Gibson again after it was proven that he was bribed by a Rolex watch, and he conducted an affair with Anna Nicole Smith, and the irony was that he won his seat in Parliament. The PLP are running him again.

During the PLP tenure, they ran an amazing kleptocracy and stole millions from the treasury. Now they are trying to get elected again this year.

Take a look at their election sign. They need a proof reader. (In case you didn't get it the first time, the word "THE" is repeated twice).

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