Warren Jeffs New Prediction on the End of the World

Convicted rapist, pedophile, nutbar, polygamist and cultist Warren Jeffs, so called prophet of the FLDS or Fundamental Latter Days Saints, or Serial Rapists Anonymous, who is in jail has a prophecy that the world is ending. He had a huge media buy across North America yesterday. This is the text and actual message:

Jesus Christ, Son Ahman.
I, Your Lord Jesus Christ, Even Son Ahman, Speak to All Nations on Earth, My Own Revealing of My Soon Coming. Let All Hear My Will:
Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ Given to President Warren S. Jeffs
Palestine, TexasTuesday, December 27, 2011
1. Let now all people on earth be told my holy will.
2. I, who am of the full Godhood power over world, even of my Father, Elohim, who is my Eternal Father, saith Jesus Christ, your Lord and Holy Savior, Son Ahman; who redeemed all mankind from the grave, to lift each up by my power over death unto life in the holy resurrection; I say to all nations -
3. Repent ye; now be of full humbling; all peoples shall be humbled in full way; as I send full judgments. 4. Now repent, so I may own and bless all who come unto me; even to be my people of Zion. Amen.

We, the undersigned, testify these are verily the word of God, Jesus Christ, of holy way of telling all of the people on earth of His soon coming; and to repent, and be prepared. Amen.
Vaughan E. Taylor
Patriarch in the FundamentalistChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Nathan C. Jessop
Counselor in the Bishopric of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Notice for Inquiries
I, Vaughan E. Taylor, have been appointed to receive any inquiries. Please call (702) 686-1180.
Other publications listed below are available for purchase at www.flds.org or by sending your request and payment to: Vaughan E. Taylor
PO Box 1708
Colorado City, AZ 86021-1708 USA
Item X Description Price
101 Proclamation to the Nation 2010-07-17* $3.00
102 Warning to the Nation 2010-IO-31 • $4.75
103 Continued Warnings of Son Ahman to the Leaders of the Nations of the Earth* $6.00
106 PROCLAMATION* $10.00
107 Jesus Christ, Son Ahman, Speaketh His Full Warning of Judgments to All Nations* $2.00
108 Thus Saith Son Ahman, Even Your Lord Jesus Christ, My Own Will To All Nations On Earth Of Full $10.00
Power To Be Fulfilled, Unto All Knowing 1, God, Have Spoken Eternal Power Upon All Nations*
Mailed to libraries of every nation, also sent to all leaders of all nations of national authority.

You can buy his prophecies for a few dollars, but he forgot John the Baptist steak knives and Dead Sea Scrolls Shower Curtains.

Update: December 29th 2012.  In the FLDS community, the only store has closed.  Jeffs has said that the world will end before 2013.  I wonder if we will see a Jonestown, or a David Koresh mass suicide of the sheeple.  Time will tell.  The best thing that could happen is that Warren Jeffs is proven wrong and his sect abandons him and disbands.

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