Joe Pessimism

I gotta say that my new favorite character is Joe Pessimism. You can find him on Twitter:

Here are a few of my favorite Joe sayings:

  • A leader, before elected is a dealer in hope, but has only a huge inventory of despair once in office.
  • People always vote for persons who are more than them - more corrupt, more lacivious, more stupid, more crazy .....
  • Forgiveness is looking past the darkness to see the Light so you can see the bastard that got you and then get some revenge.
  • I am on the road to failure. Life is not a destination but a journey full of dead ends.
  • What's the use of going to college? An asteroid is going to hit the earth, wipe us out & all that hard work will be for dick.
  • It's never too early in the morning to feel bad. Everyone is happy except me.
  • What's the use. I'm going to die any way. Sigh ....
  • Today is the first day of the rest of the misery in your life.
  • Losing is a positive outcome for me. Losing & striking out is the usual scenario.
  • Most people get a case of beer for Saturday night. I got a case of bad breath.
  • I think that this pimple on my ass is skin cancer. I look real stupid trying to examine it.
  • Encounter of the year - leg humped by a dog. Most action that I will be getting.
  • At most, the best that you can hope for, is to break even.
  • Hemorrhoids are inevitable.
  • Failure is the most accurate prediction of any human endeavor.
  • Pessimism is a virtue. It helps me deal with the fact that I ain't gonna get any prettier.
  • I am Joe, and I am a Pessimist.
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