Hunting in the Bahamas

I got this flyer in my email box notifying me of a meeting to discuss hunting in the Bahamas. Before I saw the poster (pictured above) I wondered what hunters could actually shoot, since there are no large animals in the archipelago of the Bahamas.

Of course, the only possible venue for hunting, is shotgunnery for pigeons. Pictured above, is the tropical species of pigeons that hunters go after. I have never eaten wild pigeon, but one would assume that they would taste like turpentine.

Speaking of tasting like turpentine, an acquaintance of mine goes hunting for raccoons on New Providence Island where Nassau is located. In the native village of Fox Hill on the eastern end of the islands, there are some raccoons living in the wild that have hitched a ride from Florida. They are the mangiest, scrawniest looking raccoons that one would ever want to see, and yet they end up in the cooking pot.

All of my hunting in the Bahamas is underwater.

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