Rugby Love

Here is some genuine Rugby love. This skirmish occurred between Bath Rugby and Leicester Tigers last season when Leicester had their way with Bath keeping them to single digits.

Incredible Music Machine

This incredible machine was built as a collaborative effort between the Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick Deere Industries and Irrigation Equipment of Bancroft, Iowa . In other words, farm equipment! It took the team a combined 13,029 hours of set-up, alignment, calibration, and tuning before filming this video, but as you can see, it was well worth the effort. It is now on display in the Matthew Gerhard Alumni Hall at the University and is already slated to be donated to the Smithsonian.

Just so you are a little prepared, balls (hundreds. if not thousands. during the performance) come out of a tube, hit an object (remember รข€“ farm equipment!) -and sometimes multiple objects - before going back into another tube. Of the all the balls you will see, NOT ONE hits the floor!!

Video Guaranteed to Make you Pee

Can't go with the flow? Toilet Training your child? Wrestling with a balky bladder? Want to make someone pee? Playing this video gets the urge up to relieve yourself. Come on. You know that you want to pee. Try it.

The Caboose - Vintage Railway Car

You rarely see a caboose any more on trains. They have been replaced with an electronic box called an ETU or End of Train Unit. Observers used to ride in the caboose and monitor the train. It is now done with electronic sensors. This new railway is not the railway of yore.

Awesome Photos of the Submarine Racing World Championships 2011

I just got back from the Submarine Racing World Championships 2011 held in Newfoundland Canada. I have posted 9 pictures that I took of this exciting event. Enjoy.

Continuing Series -- Vintage Railway Cars

I am not sure what this car was used for. It seems to have a shed mounted on a flat car. There is no stove pipe coming from it, so it must be a utility shed or a tool shed. That is probably what it is, since it is connected to a crane car.

Vintage Railway Utility Car - Crane

Here is another pic of a vintage railway car. This one is a crane mounted on a swivel The plaque on the car says that the crane is good for lifting 100 tons at 16 feet boom length. This car is in the railway museum in Hillsborough.

Joe Pessimism

I gotta say that my new favorite character is Joe Pessimism. You can find him on Twitter:

Here are a few of my favorite Joe sayings:

  • A leader, before elected is a dealer in hope, but has only a huge inventory of despair once in office.
  • People always vote for persons who are more than them - more corrupt, more lacivious, more stupid, more crazy .....
  • Forgiveness is looking past the darkness to see the Light so you can see the bastard that got you and then get some revenge.
  • I am on the road to failure. Life is not a destination but a journey full of dead ends.
  • What's the use of going to college? An asteroid is going to hit the earth, wipe us out & all that hard work will be for dick.
  • It's never too early in the morning to feel bad. Everyone is happy except me.
  • What's the use. I'm going to die any way. Sigh ....
  • Today is the first day of the rest of the misery in your life.
  • Losing is a positive outcome for me. Losing & striking out is the usual scenario.
  • Most people get a case of beer for Saturday night. I got a case of bad breath.
  • I think that this pimple on my ass is skin cancer. I look real stupid trying to examine it.
  • Encounter of the year - leg humped by a dog. Most action that I will be getting.
  • At most, the best that you can hope for, is to break even.
  • Hemorrhoids are inevitable.
  • Failure is the most accurate prediction of any human endeavor.
  • Pessimism is a virtue. It helps me deal with the fact that I ain't gonna get any prettier.
  • I am Joe, and I am a Pessimist.
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Hunting in the Bahamas

I got this flyer in my email box notifying me of a meeting to discuss hunting in the Bahamas. Before I saw the poster (pictured above) I wondered what hunters could actually shoot, since there are no large animals in the archipelago of the Bahamas.

Of course, the only possible venue for hunting, is shotgunnery for pigeons. Pictured above, is the tropical species of pigeons that hunters go after. I have never eaten wild pigeon, but one would assume that they would taste like turpentine.

Speaking of tasting like turpentine, an acquaintance of mine goes hunting for raccoons on New Providence Island where Nassau is located. In the native village of Fox Hill on the eastern end of the islands, there are some raccoons living in the wild that have hitched a ride from Florida. They are the mangiest, scrawniest looking raccoons that one would ever want to see, and yet they end up in the cooking pot.

All of my hunting in the Bahamas is underwater.

Another Vintage Railway Snow Plow / Grader / Banker

Here is another vintage railway car. It is a utility vehicle that doubles as a snow plow, a grader, and a banker to reduce high banks around the tracks. The plaque on the side of it reads:

Number 409
of Jordan Co
Bank Builder
Snow Plow

East Chicago

It doesn't give the year of manufacture.

The Solution to a Happy Life

The Solution to a Happy Life: The solution to a happy life lies in the precepts listed in this very short article. Ten steps to changing your life today. Read more ...

Vintage Railway Snow Plow

I was totally captivated by this vintage railway snow plow. The curves and lines on it are complex and beautiful. This railway vehicle is totall symmetrically and works the same backwards and forwards. It was made to operate at high speeds, and the real neat thing about it, is that there is a cabin in the interior for an observer.

This car was made to carve a path in remote regions where the snow would be several feet deep, and then fling that snow as far away from the tracks as possible. To me it is a work of art.

Bahamas Hires Handicapped Police Officer

Bahamas must be a forwarding-looking place. Look, they have hired a handicapped police officer. And the good news is that he gets to park in a handicapped parking zone.

Come to think of it, if the cop has a motorized wheel chair, then he would be quite efficient at running down criminals -- but only if they ran in a straight line down the sidewalk and didn't go over any fences.

However, this cop may not be physically handicapped. He may be mentally handicapped. If so, does he deserve to park in a spot where disabled people need to park?

Startling Photo of Ghost Trapped in Tree

This is a photo of a ghost trapped in a tree. Although it's expression is one of fear, it is very wooden. Because the ghost is trapped, it can't branch out. It is packed in the trunk. It must be a real sap to get stuck like that. It is perhaps a dog ghost, because it has bark. Shoot, it should just migrate up the tree until it leaves.