Pic of Snapping Turtle Killed By Car

This poor snapping turtle was hit by a car. It cracked the shell. If you click on the photo to get a larger image, you can see the crack as a white line near the front of the shell. When I found this guy, the flies were already at the crack.

Snapping turtles live to be over 40 years old. They cannot retract into their shell because they are so big. As a result, they can reach anywhere when you try to pick them up. If you think that you are clear of the head, they can open a big gash on your hands with the claws on their feet.

Obviously by the size, this guy was pretty old. Its a shame that he had to die by being hit by a car.

I didn't mean for this picture to be shown as the dead turtle pushing up daisies, but that's just part of the irony of life.

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