Never Under-estimate an old broad -- Ginger Rogers Dancing at 92

This is a video of Ginger Rogers at age 92, dancing the salsa with her 29 year old grandson.

To all of you younger people..... This lady was a headline dancer back in the 1930s and the 1940s with her partner Fred Astaire.

Wow! I want to do this when I'm 92...oh, wait, why can't I do this now!

Watch all the way through, the beginning is a warm up.

Remember, she is 92, her great grandson is 29 - watch them dance!

Don’t give up after the first minute…that is the teaser.

Just getting to the age of 92 would be most people’s dream.

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Anonymous said...

Ginger Rogers died at age 84. It's disrespectful to the woman in the video for you to claim she is Ginger Rogers. You should be ashamed.