Minerals From The Train Tracks -- Help Needed with Identification

I need some reader help again with identifying these minerals. The train tracks have been washing out with all of the rain that we have been getting, so they are dumping stones and rocks on the track bed. The diameter is up to 2 inches, and they are a medley of rocks and minerals directly from the Canadian Shield.

Among the granite, quartz and basalt, there is a variety of minerals. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

This serpentine mineral consists of long strands. When I brought it into the house, the rock dried out and started shedding tiny microscopic shards of glass-like material that penetrated the skin like fiberglass -- except that they were more brittle than fiberglass. Handling the dry mineral is now painful. Needless to say, it stays outside.

This yellowy-greenish deposit is dull in spite of the photo. From a distance is has a dull sheen and is not shiny at all. The color has a bit of yellow and green, and there doesn't seem to be coherent crystallization.

This one is easy. It is iron pyrite or fool's gold.

Another piece of pyrite on a black rock.

This greenish thing is a puzzle. It seems to be deposited on the rock matrix. It has shiny specs shot through it.

These were amazing, because of the blue color shot through the rocks. It is like a robin egg blue.

I have a mineral guide (Roger Tory Peterson) from the 1960's but a lot of the photos are in black and white and of poor quality. It was no help in trying to identifying these specimens.

I would like to learn more about rocks and minerals. I really do give a shist about identifying these things.

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