Casey Anthony Trial -- Baez and Mason -- Abbott and Costello

Inept. Incompetent. Bozos. Out of their league. Outmaneuvered. Outplayed. Whining. Sneaky. Small time.

I was watching the prosecution rebuttal by Jeff Ashton in the Casey Anthony trial. As Ashton read the law on first degree murder, the defense comedians objected several times saying that Ashton was misinterpreting the law. They were quickly overruled by Judge Belvin Perry but it didn't stop these jokers from persisting. Every time that Ashton stated something in the law that pertained directly to the guilt of Casey Anthony, the minor leagues ambulance chasers objected. They were proving their own ignorance of the law, in a last ditch attempt to influence the jury. It was having the opposite effect.

If Casey Anthony gets the death penalty for killing Caylee, these bozos share some of the blame. They have proven that they don't have the class, finesse and skill to play in the big leagues.

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Lady Justice said...

As much as I am remaining steadfastly neutral, and am dismayed at the lack of maturity among the folks that post comments on the various trial streams, I have to agree with you. I have found myself repeatedly yelling at Mr. Baez as if this were a sporting event and the coach was leaving an obviously exhausted player in too long. Mr. Baez has no idea how to properly ask a witness a series of questions designed to elicit the point he wishes to get in front of the jury. Rather, he states the answer he wants, adding an affirmative word. By doing this, he seems to always be testifying , and manages to make his exchanges with even the experts he is paying (well, actually I am paying, as a taxpayer in Florida) seem combative. He also fails to object when he ought to (River Cruz's cross) and raises objections with no legal basis.I keep wanting to like this guy in hopes that he can balance the overwhelming prejudice in the court of public opinion, but he fails to rise anywhere near that.