Software Stream of Consciousness: IE Users are Stupid, and Microsoft Knows it.

Software Stream of Consciousness: IE Users are Stupid, and Microsoft Knows it.: "Do you use the Internet Explorer Browser? You may be dumber than you think !!!!" Read more.

Paris From the Air and Airport

As you fly into Paris, the city is laid out for you. In the middle of the picture, you can see the Eiffel Tower -- the most famous landmark in Paris.

The arrival and departure lounges at Charles de Gaulle airport are airy and bright. I think that the architecture is beautiful.

The walkways also have the steel and glass airiness to them:

The French sense of style and art is apparent in this departure lounge building:

Paris is the City of Light, the Eternal City and it is my favorite city in the world.

How Is Your Day Going ???

So how is your day going??

Where is the moment we needed the most ?

You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

You tell me your blue skies fade to grey

You tell me your passion's gone away and I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low

You're faking a smile with the coffee to go

You tell me your life's been way off line

You're falling to pieces everytime and I don't need no carryin' on

Because you had a bad day, you're taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know, you tell me don't lie

You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day, the camera don't lie

You're coming back down and you really don't mind

You had a bad day

you had a bad day !

In retrospect, my day is going pretty well!

What the Chinese are searching for ??

This blog just started getting hits from a Chinese search engine. The Chinese are regular visitors here, especially when I diss the Commie government for hacking, abysmal human rights failure, eating dogs and generally being (very short) pricks.

When I saw the site Baidu showing up as a referring to this blog, I knew that either they were getting the results from Google, or they had indexed the good old Cosmological Cabbage.

All of the hits from Baidu were to the same page. What are the Chinese searching for???? Take a look:

They want a peek of Kate Middleton's buttocks.

If you are in the Bahamas -- Bahamas National Trust Meeting

If you find yourself in the Bahamas on Thursday, and are looking for something to do, you can take in this presentation by the Bahamas National Trust on a biological living treasure in the tropics -- Bay Rush or zamia lucayana. It is perhaps the only plant that is indigenous to the Bahamas.

A visit to the Retreat in Nassau is worth the trip alone -- to see the natural beauty of nature and the botanical specimens of trees and flowers.

Pic of Snapping Turtle Killed By Car

This poor snapping turtle was hit by a car. It cracked the shell. If you click on the photo to get a larger image, you can see the crack as a white line near the front of the shell. When I found this guy, the flies were already at the crack.

Snapping turtles live to be over 40 years old. They cannot retract into their shell because they are so big. As a result, they can reach anywhere when you try to pick them up. If you think that you are clear of the head, they can open a big gash on your hands with the claws on their feet.

Obviously by the size, this guy was pretty old. Its a shame that he had to die by being hit by a car.

I didn't mean for this picture to be shown as the dead turtle pushing up daisies, but that's just part of the irony of life.

The Non-Diet Diet -- Lose Weight Without Trying Hard -- Free

I have to admit that I put on weight by looking at food. My weight fluctuates. I love french fries and pizza. But having reached a certain age, I decided that I want to live healthy, eat healthy, enjoy life, not be discriminated against because of being fat, and I want to feel good about myself.

In the past, I have tried the Atkins diet. It worked. It was a great way to lose weight. Unfortunately, if you keep eating the same way that you do on Atkins, and add the carbohydrates, you really pack on the weight.

I know that exercise is an important part of life, and it is a great way to lose weight. But I didn't want to spend my life in the gym. I did incorporate exercise into my life, by either walking or swimming a mile every week day (not on weekends) and that has not only helped me to lose weight, but it has given me a measure of fitness that makes me feel good about myself.

My biggest discovery, was about how I eat. I knew from my Atkins dieting days that carbs or carbohydrates really pack on the weight. There are may variants of carbohydrate reduced diets. There is Atkins, the Zone diet, the sugar-free diet, the gluten-free diet etc etc. They all involve cutting back on carbs.

I decided that an integral step of the way that I eat, was to cut out processed carbs for two out of three of my meals. And I made a discovery that helps me feel full, gives me lots of fiber and Omega 3's and makes me lose weight.

My non-diet diet secret is that I have one meal a day of raw oatmeal. Before you say yuck, let my explain. I first make a fruit salad by chopping up together whatever fruits are in season. I toss the fruit with a tablespoon of lemon juice (usually to keep the apples and bananas, if there are any from discoloring). Then I take about half a cup of the fruit salad in a bowl. On top of that, I add a couple of tablespoons of probiotic yogurt. I like Activa, but I buy any probiotic brand that is on sale.

I then dump about a quarter cup of raw oatmeal. I use the "old-fashioned" kind, not the large flake or the quick cook, because it is less processed. I sprinkle oat bran, wheat bran and flax seed on top of that, and mix it all up. The juices from the fruit and the liquid in the yogurt softens the oatmeal and bran. The wheat bran is for dietary fiber, and the oat bran and oatmeal lower cholesterol and is really good for the heart. The raw oatmeal has a very low glycemic index -- it means that it doesn't cause a huge insulin load like breads or sugars. This combination of grains is a delicious, hugely filling meal and I don't feel hungry for hours after eating it.

The way that I integrate this into my eating, is that I usually have the fruit/oatmeal combination for breakfast or lunch. If I have it for breakfast with my coffee, I have a protein and vegetable meal for lunch. The bottom line, is that I do not eat processed carbohydrates for breakfast or lunch. I may have tuna with cucumber, or ham on tomato slices, or an egg with spinach -- but no pasta, bread, rice or any kind of carbs.

Then at the main meal at dinner (or supper as some call it), I allow myself normal foods. However, I still do not eat a lot of carbs at this meal -- just a very small portion. And the big meal is also lower in fat. I do not use a lot of oil or butter to cook the meal.

I eat a ton of raw fruit and/or raw vegetables as snacks (almost every three hours) and I stop eating after 8:30 PM (usually for a night snack, I have a repeat of the oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, bran, flax bowl).

I do not allow myself sugary drinks. I don't particularly like water, so I make a green tea mixed with mint. I have a ton of mint growing in my yard, so I pop a few sprigs of mint into the teapot along with the green tea bags. This drink is very anti-oxidant, and I drink it unsweetened. It has become my beverage of choice.

The weight has been dropping off. I lose about three pounds a week and I never feel hungry. On the weekends, I treat myself, and allow myself a restaurant meal, which may include a few fries or a bit of pizza.

In this way, I am reaching my target weight without trying, and this method is incredibly easy. I like the daily walks, the loose fitting pants, and the increased level of fitness and vitality in my life.

Never Under-estimate an old broad -- Ginger Rogers Dancing at 92

This is a video of Ginger Rogers at age 92, dancing the salsa with her 29 year old grandson.

To all of you younger people..... This lady was a headline dancer back in the 1930s and the 1940s with her partner Fred Astaire.

Wow! I want to do this when I'm 92...oh, wait, why can't I do this now!

Watch all the way through, the beginning is a warm up.

Remember, she is 92, her great grandson is 29 - watch them dance!

Don’t give up after the first minute…that is the teaser.

Just getting to the age of 92 would be most people’s dream.

Minerals From The Train Tracks -- Help Needed with Identification

I need some reader help again with identifying these minerals. The train tracks have been washing out with all of the rain that we have been getting, so they are dumping stones and rocks on the track bed. The diameter is up to 2 inches, and they are a medley of rocks and minerals directly from the Canadian Shield.

Among the granite, quartz and basalt, there is a variety of minerals. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

This serpentine mineral consists of long strands. When I brought it into the house, the rock dried out and started shedding tiny microscopic shards of glass-like material that penetrated the skin like fiberglass -- except that they were more brittle than fiberglass. Handling the dry mineral is now painful. Needless to say, it stays outside.

This yellowy-greenish deposit is dull in spite of the photo. From a distance is has a dull sheen and is not shiny at all. The color has a bit of yellow and green, and there doesn't seem to be coherent crystallization.

This one is easy. It is iron pyrite or fool's gold.

Another piece of pyrite on a black rock.

This greenish thing is a puzzle. It seems to be deposited on the rock matrix. It has shiny specs shot through it.

These were amazing, because of the blue color shot through the rocks. It is like a robin egg blue.

I have a mineral guide (Roger Tory Peterson) from the 1960's but a lot of the photos are in black and white and of poor quality. It was no help in trying to identifying these specimens.

I would like to learn more about rocks and minerals. I really do give a shist about identifying these things.

Why Men Die Before Women

This series of photographs answers the age old question of why men die before women. It clearly depicts the answers in graphic detail.

In spite of this, I still am glad that I am a man, capable of the feats shown in the photos above.

Men, be Men and BE PROUD TO BE MEN !!

Kate Middleton's Tush -- Marilyn Monroe Moment

Wow! Kate Middleton has an amazingly formed derriere. Is she wearing a thong? Yes she is !! This is a pleasing picture of the royal bum.

The Duchess of Cambridge is sexy and stylish, and HOT !!!!

UPDATE: If you want to see Kate topless in France, well here you are. Enjoy!

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Fruits of the Season -- Strawberries

One thing that I love about early summer is field strawberries. None of these big supermarket things called strawberries that you get all year around. They are half the size of a tennis ball and they taste like cardboard.

I am talking about field strawberries. These juicy sweet orbs stain your fingers and give your taste buds a strawberry orgasm every time that you bite into them. They are at the height of the season, and this year they are wonderful.

There is nothing like celebrating the season with the fruit of the season. And field strawberries are my favorites.

Never Rent a Scooter While on Vacation in the Tropics

What blows me away about tourists in Nassau, is that they rent scooters to tour the island. They wear bathing suits and flip flops, and tool around the island as if it were a kiddie car ride. They have to drive on the left hand side of the road, which they are unaccustomed too. The traffic density in Nassau is wild.

With all of these factors, I see tourists having a bad day all of the time, when car and scooter collide. When you drive on the left hand side of the road and you are not used to it, you always look the wrong way first.

Here a scooter was nailed at a T intersection on Eastern Road when they pulled out. It tied up traffic for an hour because there is no way to detour.

If you want to have a safe, happy holiday, never rent a scooter while on vacation in the Tropics.

Best of Casey Anthony Jokes is a fabulous place to visit online. It is an online forum for comics to post their current events and other jokes. It is the internet gathering place for comics. At limes it is funnier than the big guns like Leno, Letterman, Conan, Kimmel, Fallon, Craig Ferguson et al.

It didn't take long to get a joke collection of the woman who got away with murder -- Casey Anthony. Without further ado, here is the current Casey Anthony Joke collection, along with the author credits:

  • I just drove by the Home Depot. There was a big banner saying that they were having a Casey Anthony Sale. They have drop-dead prices on duct tape, black garbage bags and chloroform. -- Lance Steele

  • Jeff Foxworthy, the host of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" announced that he will be hosting a new TV quiz show called "Are You Stupider Than a Florida Jury?" -- Tommy Bahama

  • Simon & Schuster says they've inked a book deal with Casey Anthony for a quasi-confessional memoir titled... If I Did It! -- smackdabinthemiddle

  • In a full page ad Dan Gilbert owner of the Cleveland Cavs said it's the worse 'Decsion' he's ever witnessed and personally guaranteed his team would win in court before any Florida prosecutor's does. -- smackdabinthemiddle

  • The prosecution wants the judge to set aside the verdict claiming that two confused jurors mismarked their butterfly ballots. -- Gary Bachman

  • I look forward to fifteen years from now when Casey Anthony robs some sports memorabilia from a Vegas hotel. -- Alex Schubert

  • There are two kinds of people in the world: People that believe Casey Anthony is guilty, and the jurors. -- Alex Schubert

  • I assume Casey Anthony is a huge fan of dead baby jokes. -- Alex Schubert

  • The Casey Anthony trial ended up being like the OJ trial, except now black people are upset and white people are happy. -- Phil Mazo

Today, I’m puffing away on a cigar called the Ghurka Evil in honor of Casey Anthony. I’d smoke one for her lawyer, Jose Baez, but they don’t make a Ghurka Dumb Ass.

I’d smoke one for her other lawyer, J. Chaney Mason, but like his defense, I’m afraid it might blow up in my face.

I’d smoke one in honor of Judge Perry, but they don’t make cigars that huge.

I’d smoke one for the prosecutors, Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick, but the flavors might be ridiculously overpowering. And I’d be assaulted with objections.

I’d smoke one for her mother, Cindy Anthony, but only if the cigar is a fake.

And finally, I’d smoke one for her father, George Anthony, in which case I might choke up and wipe my hands of it when it’s all over. -- David Hayes

Roger Clemens Perjury Trial

I am actually saddened to see Roger Clemens go on trial for perjury. I got to know the man when I caddied for him at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. Before meeting him, I had heard the stories of his abrasiveness. Yet after spending two days with him, I found him to be an engaging, friendly human being. I mentioned that I actually saw him pitch when he was with the Blue Jays. He spoke fondly of his Toronto days.

I wish him well in his current troubles.

No Justice For Caylee Photo

Please circulate this photo if you agree with it. I don't know why this little girl's death has affected me so, but the whole scenario stinks.

Nassau -- The End of Eastern Road

This is what the ocean lookout at the end of Eastern Road looked like in Nassau last week.

Are the jurors out of their minds ... No Justice in America today

Sadly shakes head. Little girl dead. Mother killed little girl. Lied to everyone. She gets off scott free with incompetent attorneys. There is no justice in America today.

Casey Anthony Trial -- Baez and Mason -- Abbott and Costello

Inept. Incompetent. Bozos. Out of their league. Outmaneuvered. Outplayed. Whining. Sneaky. Small time.

I was watching the prosecution rebuttal by Jeff Ashton in the Casey Anthony trial. As Ashton read the law on first degree murder, the defense comedians objected several times saying that Ashton was misinterpreting the law. They were quickly overruled by Judge Belvin Perry but it didn't stop these jokers from persisting. Every time that Ashton stated something in the law that pertained directly to the guilt of Casey Anthony, the minor leagues ambulance chasers objected. They were proving their own ignorance of the law, in a last ditch attempt to influence the jury. It was having the opposite effect.

If Casey Anthony gets the death penalty for killing Caylee, these bozos share some of the blame. They have proven that they don't have the class, finesse and skill to play in the big leagues.