Why The Casey Anthony Trial Was Stopped -- My Theory

Judge Belvin Perry Jr. recessed the Casey Anthony trial until Monday morning. Speculation is rife. Some people say that it could mean a plea is in the offing. Other explanations could be witness tampering or lawyer misconduct. Other pundits say that perhaps the prosecution has come up with direct evidence that Casey's mom, Cindy Anthony has perjured herself. They are all possibilities.

However, my main theory is that defense attorney Jose Baez will be asked to leave the case, and will face sanctions from the court for misconduct in not providing proper discovery disclosure to the prosecution. As a result, lawyer Cheney Mason, pictured above, will be named the lead attorney for the defense.

Jose Baez has conducted an extremely poor defense. In addition, he has recently had his Florida home repossessed.

Whatever the reason, this doesn't bode well for this trial, opening the door for grounds for appeal or perhaps even a mistrial.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your hypothesis. Speculation is high, but I can think of no other reason that the trial would be halted, with a sequestered jury, other than a major shake up in the defense team. With a jury in the box the judge would not likely stop the trial for cosideration of a plea deal. If the prosecution has evidence that Cindy perjured herself they will bring it up on rebuttal. However, if there is attorney misconduct, fraud or some other major issue, THAT would explain what happened today.
There is speculation on other websites that the photo shown yesterday of Caley at the sliding door was altered to make Caley appear taller than she actually was. The comparisson of the picture as it appears before yesterday and yesterday's version are quite striking. Either way, fraud or the judge has just had enough of Baez's antics, my theory is that Baez is about to be (or is) out of the case. (That would explain Casey's tears first thing this morning.)

Caine Mutiny said...

The above comment explains a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

Your theory makes sense, someone tweeted this morning that Casey pled for Baez and cried. It seems to go hand in hand.