Using a flash in underwater photography

This underwater picture was taken with a simple point and shoot digital camera. The water was rough and it had a lot of sediment suspended in it.

I couldn't really get close to the fish, because the area is heavily snorkeled, and the local spearfish on this reef, so the fish are extremely wary of human beings. On other more isolated reefs, the fish can be approached easily and one can get close to them.

I decided to turn on the flash on the camera to get a faster shutter speed to capture the fish motion. However with a fair volume of water in between myself and the fish, and a whole bunch of suspended particulate, I got the flash reflections as shown in this photo.

For true clarity, one has to wait until the water is crystal clear, or dive down deep enough to where the particulate stirred by wind and wave action has no effect.

The best pictures from the series, were ones where the flash was not used.

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