Retro Glassine Negative Envelope -- 1959

Check out this scan of a vintage glassine photographic negative envelope from 1959. Glassine is ultra-smooth papers made by pressing the paper at the end of the papermaking cycle with highly polished rollers under pressure. It aligns the paper fibers and makes the envelope translucent and somewhat waterproof. Negatives were returned from photolabs in glassine envelopes. This was to keep them free of dust and scratches.

Click on the photo to enlarge it. You will see the price of prints. This was in the pre-color film days, so the cost of the print would double if you wanted it hand-tinted to colorize the print.

The interesting thing is that the prices are about the same for prints in 1959 as they are now -- from around 35 to fifty cents each. This makes photography back then quite expensive, as 50 cents could buy you a pound or two of hamburger.

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